Brand & Business Photography for Michele Ivory Coach, Jersey CI


One of the perks of pursuing what I love is meeting new (and awesome) women who have started their own business and following their dreams. Achieving amazing things and inspire and help others. On of these shining lights is Michele.

Such an inspiration… her story, her business and what she is trying to achieve and of course herself. Listening to Michele’s story I found myself nodding and smiling… I could really relate to her struggles and journey. At the end of our shoot I just wanted to give her a big bear hug.

I had such a wonderful time with this incredible woman who is out there helping women achieve their business and marketing goals. 

Michele is a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Coach and Essential Oils Advocate for those wanting to let go of feeling anxious, fearful and stressed – the New Way! You can find her website here


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