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Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible women who have constantly amazed me and proved what us women are capable of achieving when we put our mind to it. They also challenged the very limits of what I thought I was capable of. Of course I love that my clients keep me in business. I love that they recommend me to their friends and families, but what I love the very most about them is that they consistently broaden my horizons and just GET me! Some of my deepest friendships to this day have started out with their investment in my business 

Lorraine is one of these amazing ladies. Not only we share the love of helping other women shine and be visible – in a holistic and intuitive way. We both believe that we are stronger in a pack and the raising tide lifts all the boats :).

This lady also knows how to find success in everything she does as she is killing it right now and inspiring me to step up. Thank you Lorraine for the inspiration. If you haven’t already, please check her out on Facebook or her website. … she is a truly gifted and amazing intuitive copyrighter. Honestly every time I work with her I’m in semi shock/awe (in a good way) just how good she is with words.  Photo from a rather relaxing and serene personal branding session with Lorraine.

Lorraine is an Intuitive copywriter + content creator: word whispering magic for brands with soul  on a mission to help other light workers and spiritual sisters to shine brighter through authentic, soul-filled copy. You can find her website below.


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