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I hope you had a lovely weekend. Paul and I celebrated a little because I had some fabulous news about being published on one of the lovely wedding blogs out there :).

So a big thank you to the lovely Bloved blog for featuring my photos from Meissen Germany. You can view the blog post and my photos here





Now a few answers to questions that I get asked a lot.


How do we book you, secure our date and what and when do we pay?

To book me and to secure your wedding date a booking fee and duly signed copy of my contract is required.

The booking fee is 30% of your chosen collection (or 30% of your bespoke collection quote).

Once you book and transfer the funds I will send you a confirmation of the same along with detailed information of what is going to happen and when (and a little surprise also ;).

The remaining funds need to be fully settled 3 weeks prior to the wedding day at the latest. For your convenience it can be settled anytime before this date either as a one off payment or in instalments. Some couples like to spread the cost in a few instalments over the period leading up to their big day.


What do we do if it is raining on our wedding day?

I am actually planning a proper blog about this one, but for now very briefly 🙂

Please don’t worry about the rain – I always have plan B & C, just in case the weather is not in our favour 😉 (I also do a lot of sun dancing before the wedding which seems to work pretty well ;).

We will talk through this in detail during the main pre-wedding meeting when we create the perfect timeline for your stress free and fun wedding day and discuss plan B & C – so we are prepared just in case we need it (should the weather not be ideal on your day).

We have a nice white umbrella (nice clear umbrella also works – I wouldn’t recommend coloured ones as this can cast unflattering colours ) that we can use and incorporate into the  portraits.

Also during the day I keep an eye on the weather forecast (hour by hour) so should the forecast be rain for most of the day – we can literally grab a few minutes for your portraits in between the “showers” :).


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