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It Has Arrived Hooray – The New Website is Live

This announcement is so big I thought about sending all my followers a chilled bottle of nice Laurent-Perrier, just so they could pop their corks with me as I reveal


I just can not believe it. After so many months of hard work, research, tweaking, re-doing, selecting and narrowing down, …. re-selecting again, lightly heated discussions and negotiations between the creative me “what I want the website to look like and do” and technophobe me “what is technically possible to do” and many many hours of work….. it’s arrived! 

New Website is Live

Yes yes yes. My brand-spanking new, rebranded, and revamped website is here. I KNOW!!!! I am as excited as a little child the night before Christmas – actually that doesn’t do it justice. A big thank you to all of you who cheered me on, helped along the way, gave me a pep talk (or full-on support during a meltdown)… and fed me (thank you Paul for looking after me – you have officially won the ‘hubby of year award’ – and it’s only February ;).

So what do you think? You can drop me a line here.

And I’m not stopping there. 

To celebrate my new website launch and the new start of my photography journey in Czechia, I will be announcing and hosting (next week) a competition and a giveaway where you have a chance to win a FREE Brand Photography Package.

So what do you think of my new home? Whilst it’s still not 100% there and finished … I’ve decided to go with the saying ‘done is better than perfect’. I still have some blog posts to move, and a few things to update, but over the next couple of days all should be polished and finished off.

Once again, thank you for supporting me on this crazy rollercoaster journey of mine.

Big news, right? Totally makes you forget how I teased you with a free bottle of bubbly just now, huh? 🙂 

Loads of love and cheers…. 

Yours super excited Tereza xox

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