Prague – The Old Town – Romantic engagement session – Ly & Hung, Czech republic



Prague is without a doubt one of the most romantic cities in the world. I’m sure you will agree with me on that one…exploring the cobbled streets, admiring the beautiful buildings, soaking up the history and romance that breathes at you on every step. And of course the adventure of discovering beautiful secrets spots and hidden gems (beautiful old doors or a statues) or little treasures in the local artisan and boutique shops (I’m such an admirer of beautiful handcrafted products).

I love to wander around the old streets soaking up the atmosphere. It fuels my imagination, my head is full of romantic stories when I’m visiting lovely historic places.

As Ly and Hung stood on ‘Charles Bridge’, they didn’t see the beautiful views of Prague’s castle. They didn’t hear the excited talking and screams of the hundreds of tourist streaming by. They only saw and heard each other – they were in the moment. Fully and unconditionally in love. It was mesmerising and incredible to experience.

He just softly brushed windblown hair from her cheek, she snuggled into his arms and he gave her a gentle reassuring squeeze with his eyes closed. The sort of squeeze that says “I’ve got you honey, I will look after you for eternity”.

Some people are just meant to be – it’s just so simply obvious. You will recognise them when you see them. The love so obvious and simple, it gives you butterflies, the warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy. Makes you give your man an unexpected hug and a kiss – because you realise just how lucky you are, to have the love of your life standing right beside you.

Fantastic Vendors:

Styling & planning: Organizace Svatby
Make-up & hair: Liceni a make-up – Katerina Lorencova
Inside location: Hotel Pariz
Jewellery: Jitka Kudlackova jewelery
Dress: Svatebni centrum Adina

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  • Really lovely post Tereza, I love how you have written about Ly and Hung and their moment. A really romantic set of images. Makes me want to take a trip to Prague 🙂

    • Thank you Charlotte :), it was indeed a very romantic shoot and Ly and Hung are so in love. I was just smiling with happiness throughout the whole shoot. T xx


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