Scent of Christmas & may all your dreams come true


The smell of our 6ft Scandinavian Christmas fir tree hits your nose as soon as you open our flat door. I melt every time I walk into our living room and the gorgeous smell whisks me off straight into my childhood and all the amazing Christmases that I so vividly remember :).

The fat fluffy snowflakes falling down slowly, all the trees with big white snow hats sitting on their branches, my red nose and cheeks from the cold bite outside, fairy lights and candles everywhere in town and in the Christmas markets, the warming delicious taste of Mulled wine, endless stream of fairy tales on telly, everyone being just that bit nicer and me and my family including our two big labs snuggled by the fire place happy and content just a little tired after bob slaying most of the day or from ploughing through deep snow taking food to the forest for the wild animals.

I know though, that, if you let it, it can also be a rather stressful and not very festive time. It is getting crazier every year (they had Xmas chocolates in the shops at the end of August this year – WHAT!!!) . It seems these days it’s all about the “consumption side of it” – buying more and more (both presents and food) and constantly being bombarded with adverts showcasing “what you need for the perfect Christmas” etc…

I try to steer away from stuff like that and instead focus on the nice bits that matter. The moments, the experiences and memories you create. So we go for a walk in town in the evening (when shops are closed) and just enjoy the atmosphere and twinkly lights and some Mulled wine. We do the decorations at home – simple and relaxing (no stress) and try to shut off all the madness on the telly. And most importantly do most of our present shopping on-line :). I also buy some “very easy reading” romantic seasonal books that get me into the Christmas mood a little bit more (Karen Swan’s books always do a great job 🙂 that helps me so much.

But I still on occasions get stressed and sucked into the craziness of it all. In fact, a few days ago I suggested to Paul that perhaps next year we could spend Christmas somewhere in the mountains – in nature with snow, family and only perhaps a small village nearby and keeping presents and the gluttony behind :). I’m such a hopeless romantic :).

And in the spirit of the above, during the Christmas run up – this lovely post and Christmas to do list from the lovely Jenna Kutcher really got my attention and put a smile on my face. Let’s all strive for this :).

Whilst we can’t spent Christmas this year with my lovely family in Czech, I know for sure most of the Christmas time will be spent “hanging out with them” on Skype.

So as we are here and it’s officially Christmas (Christmas in Czech starts on 24th – in fact this is the actual big day), let’s all slow down & be present. Be grateful & enjoy the people and atmosphere of this amazing time of the year. Spread some love and joy …and have a wonderful, peaceful and Merry Christmas :).

And since Festive time calls for something personal, here is a photograph of me and my lovely hubby Paul from a few Christmases ago – goofing around in the snow.

We wish you a lovely time filled with happiness and laughter and only the best for the New Year (we are so excited for 2016)… may all your dreams come true ;).


Tereza & Paul xoxoxo


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