Unplanned break and importance of disconnecting & taking time off


Feeling as useless as the “g” in lasagna—time for this girl to get back to work after that holiday hiatus . 🙂

After our sort of ‘planned/unplanned’ holiday and trip to Czech… I’ve been sort of all over the place. For one it was the usual post holiday blues – omg do I have to, and where do I even start ‘back to work feelings’ after fabulous holiday…

We can not imagine your life without them. Who would fancy a couple of hours of hardish labour and somewhat uninspiring work everyday? Bending over the sink doing the dishes whilst the hot steam is rising in your face, than moving on to the scrubbing board doing your laundry. Even a couple of weeks without  a dishwasher/washing machine/computer… fills one with dread. They make our lives so easy.

Yes, technology is great – except for when it doesn’t work. And just like that my laptop packed up on me – dead; unresponsive; refusing to co-operate. And as it is typical, this happened in the most inconvenient time whilst we were away – shooting in Prague (photos, story and all the details form these amazing shoots to follow soon, but here are a few photos as a sneak peak 😉 and spending a few days with my lovely mum and little sis.

Initially I felt almost lost, sort of panicking about the involuntary limited connection to the outside world and my inability to do literally anything, as these days most of my work is done on my computer. I could not access my blog or my editing software, and trying to respond to my e-mails on my phone was ridiculously slow, painful and pretty much pointless / impossible. Not to mention the fact that I had to lug all my flash cards around with me at all times for the rest of our time in Czech as I couldn’t back up any of the photos taken.

Strangely though, the other part of me was somewhat almost elated. Despite of all my great intentions of carrying on working whilst away in Czech I was forced to slow down.

Needless to say the universe was obviously trying to tell me something, so I made sure to make as much out of this as possible. Paul, my family and I made countless trips to everywhere we fancied:

We felt like royalty when visiting the amazing castle Karlstejn, we browsed the streets of the  beautiful town Mieschen in Germany, we admired many great paintings by “the” masters in the Zwinger gallery in Dresden, we enjoyed the golden atmosphere of the beautiful autumn, ate our way through countless delicious meals and snacks, relaxed with our book and white tea by the fire place and even managed a few late nights off sipping wine and playing poker. (Photos and blogs from all these trip to follow soon :).

Whilst my laptop is still being looked into and I’m now trying to catch up with the scary back log,
I admit that I was just stubborn before and that I needed the little break – like a tonic just calls for a bit of gin ;). So I am grateful for this little misfortune whilst I was proven once again, that everything happens for a reason.

Notes for the future and lessons learned?
1, Whatever your job is, YOU are your greatest asset – look after yourself!
2, We all need a break sometimes, so don’t be stubborn – just do it!
3, Back up your computer on a regular basis 😉

So, in all your hard work and busy days, don’t forget to take some time off for yourself. Even if it’s just a half day or a weekend. Stop and enjoy the NOW – and above all create some amazing memories. You will feel refreshed, inspired and energised but most importantly understand, that “clarity comes from within” :).

Have a beautiful week


Tereza xx


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